It's a damn shame if you don't know about these cheap things that make life so much easier

2022-05-25 09:53:27 By : Ms. Shelly ZHANG

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I’m not sure about you, but I’ve never met anyone who wanted life to be harder. Most of us welcome ideas or products that take some of the strain off of everyday routines, or that simplify mundane household tasks. Just do a quick search for ‘life hacks’ and you’ll see how ubiquitous the conversation is. The good things is that some of the quickest, easiest changes to our home — or work — lives can be achieved with readily available and cheap things from Amazon. And while there are a number of things that claim to make life easier, I’ve compiled a list today of tried and true products with the positive reviews to back them up.

A reusable notebook that saves trees and makes it easy to back-up your notes? Check. A set of silicone bottle caps that keep drinks fresh once they’re open? Also check. An adjustable reading light that you can wear around your neck? You guessed it — check. There’s something here for nearly every room of your home, plus a few ideas you’ll want to take with you when you’re on the go, too. So, if you’re stressed by the scope of your to-do list, you might want to give this list a look; there just may be some things here that will help you check off at least a few boxes.

Why don’t all snacks just come with built-in clips with spouts? Until the future fully arrives, you can enjoy these snack clips in sets of four multicolored pieces. They’re super easy to use, work with both plastic and paper sacks, and promise to keep food airtight and fresh. They’re great for travel, road trips, camping, and more.

When regular glue isn’t cutting it, the Bondic plastic welder may be your new best friend. With a few seconds of UV light exposure (the light is included in the tool), you can create a resin seal or bond between two items, giving you tons of options for repairs and fixes that are waterproof, heat-resistant, and non-toxic.

You can use this versatile light-up car storage container as an organizer or a trash bin (but probably not both at the same time). The LED light illuminates when the container is opened, and it promises to be waterproof and leak-proof. Don’t drive much? It’s just as handy at home or in the office, too.

Whether you’re an amateur baker or a seasoned home chef, you’ll appreciate the ease and efficiency of this digital measuring cup. The cup itself is removable and washable, and the measurements are given on an LCD display at the top of the handle, so it’s easy to read from above. It comes in three different colors.

If storage space is at a premium in your bathroom, these shower door hooks may be game changers for you. Each hook is double-sided, giving the ability to hang items both inside and outside of the shower. They come in sets of two, and there are two sizes and two colors available (black and brushed silver).

We’ve all been there; standing at the front door in the dark, trying to get the right key into the lock. This key chain organizer, which holds up to eight keys, keeps your ring organized and orderly. It comes in four different colors and an expansion kit is available too, giving room for 14 keys.

Ripped bread is the worst, especially when it’s from cold, hard butter. The innovative design of this butter spreader curls — you guessed it — butter, along with soft cheeses, or even peanut butter, making for easy and efficient spreading on bread or toast. Plus, it’s made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel, so it’s a durable and practical tool that’s easy to clean, too.

These no tie silicone shoelaces come in handy for anyone who finds bending over to tie shoes a challenge or a chore. They convert lace-up shoes into slip-ons, while maintaining a comfortable and snug fit. They come in two sizes (adult and kid), and 13 different colors are offered, including multi-packs.

Always be prepared, right? You can charge up this solar-powered lantern via USB before beginning your travels, and then recharge it in the sunlight while you’re adventuring. An included cable allows you to use it as a phone charger, too. It has four lighting modes, and is also weather-resistant. There are three colors available.

It’s liberating, not being limited to the laws of gravity when it comes to water from the sink. This flexible sink sprayer set achieves that aim, and comes with everything you need for easy home installation. The best part? Once you’ve added it to your sink, you have a reach of 86 inches.

If you aspire for a closet that’s as neat as a high-end store, then this laundry folder will be your new best friend. It makes it easy to fold garments and linens of almost all shapes and sizes in a few simple steps, tidying t-shirts and turtlenecks to sheets and shams. Plus, it’s easy to store and comes in two colors.

If you wear glasses, then I don’t have to tell you how annoying (and ubiquitous) lens smudges can be. Enter this eyeglass lens cleaning tool, which comes in an array of colors and easily slips into a pocket or purse. It uses a dry cleaning technology that NASA also uses when in space, and works on all kinds of glass.

If the thought of setting down your valuables makes you sweat more than a workout does, you’ll love the peace of mind that comes with this portable safe. It’s available in grey and white, and comes with a cable that can encircle your fixed object of choice. It opens with a 4-digit code, so you don’t need a key to store your goodies inside.

This compact alarm clock and night light is a great addition to any nightstand or dresser. It offers a warm, white light for a gentle wake-up or smooth transition to sleep, or you can select one of six other colors on the RGB scale. It’s touch-controlled, so you can turn it on or adjust brightness even when super sleepy.

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, you discovered that anti-soggy cereal bowls exist. Well, they’re real and they’re spectacular; each bowl has two separate compartments so you can keep milk and cereal, or chips and dip, or granola and yogurt, from mixing until you’re ready. You can get a single bowl or pack of two or three, and they’re lightweight and dishwasher-safe.

Saving and reusing grocery bags is a helpful habit to have, and this grocery bag dispenser makes it super easy. You can mount it to your wall or cabinet with the included hardware or adhesive tape, and you simply remove a bag through the slot like a tissue. The best part? It holds up to 30 bags.

Keep yourself safe and seen with these clip-on shoe lights. Great for runners, walkers, pet owners, and more, they snap right onto shoes without any extra adhesives or ties, and they’re water-resistant, too. They come in both black and white, and they fit most adult athletic shoes.

Science wins again. The SpillNot drink carrier allows you to hold, carry, and even swing (if you dare) your beverages without spilling any of the precious cargo. There’s a bit of novelty to it, sure, but who doesn’t want to to carry drinks without fear of loss or slosh? Plus, the wrist strap allows you to use it even when hands are full or busy.

If you’re unable (or tired of) visiting the barber or hair salon every time you need a trim, look to this hair trimming comb. It allows you to give yourself (or trusting companions) trims and tweaks at home. One side of the tool is a standard comb, but the other includes a dual-sided razor blade, and it comes with five blades that are easy to swap.

This breathable back brace posture corrector takes pressure off key areas to alleviate back and shoulder pain, according to the brand. It’s durable and adjustable, so people of all gender identities, shapes, and sizes can comfortably wear it. It only takes a few minutes a day to get started, and you can work up to 1-2 hours of wear as comfort and needs allow.

Great for brainstorming, doodling, charting, listing, and more, this peel-and-stick dry erase wall sticker will completely transform your space. It’s a great way to both personalize and utilize walls, furniture, fridges, doors — you name it. It comes in white and clear, and three dry erase markers are included, too.

The best thing about iced coffee is that it’s iced coffee — the worst thing is that it’s not always as readily available as the hot kind. That’s where this beverage chiller comes in handy. The freezing chamber works to lower the temperature of warm or room temperature drinks in just one minute (hello, beer and cocktails). Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, so it’s a breeze to take care of it in between uses.

If you’ve yet to solve the complicated riddle of how to eat all your fresh produce and herbs before they go bad, you’re not alone. This herb pod holds a small amount of water in the bottom to keep herbs hydrated and happy, keeping them fresh and edible for up to three times longer, according to the brand. And it conveniently fits right into the fridge door.

These reusable food storage bags are a game-changer for anyone who packs lunches or snacks on the regular. They can be washed and used repeatedly, saving you from buying (and tossing) endless plastic bags. Each set offers 10 leak-proof baggies, and different sizes and colors are available, too.

When your car dings at you, there’s no need to panic. Instead, you can use your Fixd car scanner and app to understand the issue and make an informed choice for your next steps. It also allows you to keep tabs on regular maintenance and monitoring, too.

It’s rare to buy an item you hope you’ll never actually use, but this personal alarm safety tool fits the bill. It can come in handy in a range of dire situations, with features like a siren, glass breaker, and seat belt cutter. It’s compact, comes with batteries, and is available in eight different colors and patterns.

This handy ring light allows you to step up your selfie game, set up a stellar Zoom space, and more. It has three brightness levels and three light settings (warm, cold, and natural), so you can adjust accordingly. It clips right onto your phone, tablet or monitor, and is small enough to slip into a bag or pocket in between uses, too.

If you’re tired of missing deliveries, or maybe just aren’t feeling your current doorbell chime, this wireless doorbell is here to set things right. It gives you more than 50 ring options, and is easy to — just affix the transmitter outside, and plug in the receivers inside. The two receivers work in any outlet up to 1300 feet from the transmitter, so you can space them throughout your home. This comes in black and white, and can endure rain and other harsh weather.

With just a few minutes of stirring, these wine purifying wands promise to remove sulfites and histamines, those pesky causes of discomfort and allergies. Even better, their usage doesn’t affect the color or flavor of wine. And, once you’re done stirring, the tops can be twisted off and used as drink charms.

Once installed, this best-selling reinforcing door lock averts unwanted entry and stays in place through up to 800 pounds of pressure. But don’t worry, it’s still easy enough to open with one hand. It comes in five colors to match the other hardware in your home.

Did someone say sweatshirt blanket with pockets? Thought I heard that. Either way, this relaxed, loose-fitting wonder is equal parts blanket and hoodie, and will keep you toasty warm throughout Netflix and chill sessions, tailgating, and more. It comes in 19 colors and patterns, and there are two sizes available. Be warned, you may want more than one because your partner will definitely borrow it.

Each side of these stainless steel food scissors has a different function; one works like a knife for cutting, and the other serves as an small cutting board surface, giving the ability to slice and dice quickly and easily. You can also detach and use the sharp side to use it like a traditional knife, too.

Whether you use it for reading, working, hobbies, or something else completely, you’ll appreciate the versatility and practicality of this wearable reading light. You can sling it around your neck as you sit or stand, or loop it elsewhere as needed. It comes in three colors, and also has three brightness modes and color temperatures.

This clever can strainer makes it super easy to strain and drain canned fruits, veggies, fish, and more. It goes right over the can itself, saving you the extra step of pouring into (and dirtying) a larger colander. Then, when you’re done, you can pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

If you’ve ever reached for a broom or mop or rake, knocked it over, then the handle falls against you, and it’s awkward, these anti-slip broom holders will definitely help. If that’s just me, well, it’s better left avoided. These holders come pre-loaded with super-strong adhesive and can be applied almost anywhere to keep cleaning supplies and tools off the ground and within reach.

This collapsible, silicone water bottle can be rolled up when not in use, saving space and weight in your bag. It can be expanded and filled in seconds when you’re ready. It’s great for traveling, commuting, and a range of outdoor activities. The best part? It promises to be leak-proof, too. Plus, it comes in six different colors.

This credit card wallet has an accordion-style design, so it holds up to nine credit cards (or even more business cards, if you tote a collection). It’s slim and compact enough to fit into pants pockets or the pouch of a bag, and it comes in 24 different colors and designs so you’ll always be able to spot it.

A splatter screen allows you to let steam escape from the pot or pan you’re cooking in, while saving you and your countertops from splatters and splashes. This one comes in four sizes ranging from 9.5 inches to 15 inches in diameter. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, and easy to store.

This handheld rolling foam massager has a contoured and rippled surface that, when rolled over key muscles and body parts, mimics the feel of a deep tissue massage. A one-handed 8-inch option is available, or you can opt for a 21-inch version for deeper relief and pressure.

These reusable silicone bottle caps will keep your beer, soda, and other bottled drinks fresh in between opening, drinking, and finishing them — just pop them on top of your bottle and your beverage is protected. Each set is multi-colored, so they also help tell drinks apart. They’re dishwasher safe, too.

Warning: if you have a mini bag resealer like this one, you might find yourself wandering your home looking for bags that need sealing. It uses heat to close already-opened plastic bags, and takes just seconds to warm up. It’s compact, features a hook for easy storage, and is powered by batteries, so you’re not limited by plugs or cords.

This panini grill can fit two sandwiches at once, so meal prep is faster and smoother. Indicator lights let you know when your delicious snack is ready, and the grill even presses diagonal indents into bread for easy slicing. The nonstick grill plates can be wiped down between uses, making clean-up a breeze.

With this dual-purpose water bottle and pill organizer, you’ll be able to see at a glance if you need to take your pills, and will have the water required to do so. The pill case detaches for easy refills, and it simplifies bottle washing too. Plus, the lid doubles as a cup for ready sipping.

Imagine cutting the amount of time you spend washing your knives in half. OK, back to reality. With this cutlery scrub brush, you’re able to get both sides of each knife blade or silverware piece at once, saving time, elbow grease, and even water. Plus, both sides of the brush are enclosed, protecting hands from blades.

If you’re curious about making yogurt at home but aren’t sure where to start — or you already know what you’re doing and want to achieve the texture of Greek yogurt in homemade batches — then this Greek yogurt maker is for you. It turns thinner, plain yogurt into luscious, creamy goodness in just a few hours thanks to the specialized straining tool.

When you live both an analog and digital life, this reusable notebook is here for both. The included Pilot Frixion pen writes on the specialized paper, and once you’re done (and have added your notes to the cloud via app), wipe it clean with the included microfiber cloth and get to writing again.

If you’ve ever dropped your toothbrush somewhere unpleasant (or packed it haphazardly after travel and thought, ‘I’ll clean it later’) there’s good news — that cleaning process just got easier. This toothbrush sanitizer uses UV light to get rid of up to 99.9% percent of germs and bacteria in a matter of minutes. It only requires two AA batteries, so you’re not limited by cords.

For some, a white noise machine can make a big difference in sleep quality. This compact and portable choice emits a low hum or other calming sound (20 options are available), and has 32 volume levels so you can set the perfect audio mood for your room. It powers by AC or USB, giving plenty of options for placement and set-up.

This reusable laundry egg contains mineral pellets that wash and treat clothes, eliminating the need for detergent and fabric softener. Each egg can be used for up to 70 loads of wash, and you can always replace the pellets to extend the life of it. It’s available in scent-free or scented versions.

If you or a loved one is prone to losing keys or other important items, then this Bluetooth key finder just might change your (or their) life. It attaches it right to a key ring and, as long as you’re in a 500-foot range, it’ll tell you where your keys are with a flashing light and a buzzer.